Orly 'Won't Chip' Top Coat

I am one of those girls that ALWAYS has their nails painted, so I feel like I am forever painting them because after about 2/3 days my varnish always chips no matter what base or top coat I use. So I was excited to try Orly's 'Won't Chip Polish Shield*' which claimed to resist chipping for up to two weeks, bold statement I'm sure you'll agree.

First off, a major selling point for me was that Orly's 'Won't Chip' is free from DBP, Formaldehyde & the infamous ingredient Toluene which is in the well know Seche Vite top coat & said to have links to many health issues.
Orly's won't chip does contains 'acrylic resin' to help strengthen the polishes longevity & bind & lock in colour. The brush size is pretty standard, two strokes either side of the nail & it's covered.
When applied the orly won't chip polish glides on smoothly & with one layer the nail is complete. The top coat doesn't alter the colour of my polish & in fact it smooths out any Knicks & leaves my nails with an intense shine that I was very impressed with. My nails are touch dry after about 5 minutes & completely dry after 15 minutes maximum.
So not exactly a fast drying top coat, but it doesn't claim to be one.
Sadly it didn't live up to the claims of resisting chipping for up to two weeks, but for me about two or three days which is pretty standard time for my nails.
Now this may not sound like a selling point to you but to me it definitely is, the polish comes away in little chips so can be easily retouched as opposed to & falling off in huge clump like seche vite polish which takes a whole nail coat away.
So over all I like the shine, the brush size & the fact it is free from Formaldehyde, DBP & Toluene. Unfortunately it didn't last longer then three days max on my nails, but that is standard for my nails anyway. So I like this polish & would repurchase.

Available from beautyexpert.co.uk*

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  1. Ah this looks really good!
    I currently use seche vite and after paying £10+ after being told its the most amazing top coat, i could not of been more disapointed! Whole nails of varnish would peel off and i would have chips coming off within the next 24 hours of them being perfectly painted (does work great on false nails though!)
    Will be putting this on my xmas list to give it a try!

    xx | PixiRella

    1. I totally agree hun, on falsies seche vite is fab but on naturals is pretty useless. xx

  2. Thanks for the honest review.


  3. Great review! I like that it doesn't contain Toluene which is the reason that I stopped using the Seche Vite top coat.

  4. The bottle is adorable! I'm really clumsy when it comes to maintaining nail polish but they last on me without a top coat easily for 2-3 days.. So only 3 days is too short a time I feel.. Have you tried Sally Hansen's top coat? Its my current favorite..

    1. Ahh really, I like the added shine top coats give so always use them. I haven't tried any Sally Hansen top coats no, are they good hun? xx

  5. This top coat looks amazing, I woul love to try it out as my manicure tends to last only a day or two! :/



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