The Christmas Tag

1. What's your favourite Christmas song?
Maria Carey, all I want for Christmas is yooouuuu. I have such great memory's attached to this song, I remember when I was little going out to buy the cassette tape of this single with my Mum & Uncle. Also a few christmases ago my girlfriends and I were driving along blasting this song on the highest volume & having a good old sing off/scream on Christmas Eve.

2. Which is your favourite festive drink?
Starbucks Eggnog latte OMG girls if you have not tried this I urge you to, it is amazing stuff & instantly makes me feel Christmassy.

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas film?
Ooo there's Three faves, The Grinch, Elf & Home Alone 1. I remember watching this film every christmas with my Grandad/Petee & we would both be in hysterics watching it.

4.What is at the top of your Christmas wish-list this year?
Makeup, as usual haha.

5. What is your favourite festive make-up or nail art look?
I do like to go for the cheesy festive nail art designs or a nice berry colour. For makeup I love a dark lip.

6. What is your favourite outfit at Christmas time (LBD, Christmas Jumper, PJ's)
In my family we all dress up on Christmas Day, last year I wore a berry coloured body con dress from TopShop & this year will most probably be something similar.

7. Would you rather play out in the snow or enjoy it from the inside with the fire and a cuppa?
Play in the snow & then a hot drink & cozy up after.

8. Wrapping presents Love or Loath?
Love love love LOVE. I always ask my family if I can wrap there presents for them as I love it so much (and so do they haha) I guess it's because I'm an arty kinda person so I like to make them look perfect with pretty paper & matching ribbons, name tags & bows. This year my paper is covered in little vintage Father Christmas' topped with sequin ribbons & red & white twine, soooo cute!

9. What is your favourite Christmassy food?
I like to bake so I love my mince pies (I use my Nan's old recipe), making ginger bread houses for family & friends & ginger bread men to hang on the tree.
For the actual Christmas dinner I'm not a fan of turkey, So I always go for the roast ham. I love stuffing though, if my christmas plate was full of stuffing I would be very happy indeed.

10. What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
I enjoy the preparation for Christmas, I really love choosing & buying gifts for my loved ones. Decorating the house, baking my mince pies & gingerbread houses, wrapping presents.
 Most importantly I love the chance to spending time with my family. On Christmas Day after opening our presents at home all my family, aunts, Uncles & cousins go round my Nan & Grandads house. We start with some champagne & nibbles (the family favourite is a sausage  cooked inside the turkey and a glass of Harvey's Bristol cream sherry), then Open gifts from our Nan & Grandad, have Christmas dinner & then open more gifts. The evening is spent with all the family gathered in the living room playing games & having a good laugh. We all stay round for Boxing Day too & wake up to my Granddads cooked breakfast & then the madness starts again.

I tag ALL of you to give this Christmas tag a go.

Are you all ready & excited for Christmas?
I am! At the age of 24 I still get super excited :)

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  1. Loved reading this!!!! I am sooo ready for Christmas! Happy Holidays hun!

  2. Loooove it!! so excited for Christmas! Merry Christmas!!

  3. OMG I loveeeeeeeee that Mariah song!!! I am torn between that one & the Pogues - Fairytale of New York xxx

  4. I definitely am Mariah when I sing that - no doubt about it! Hope you had a good day :)


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