Anastasia Beverly Hills - Brow Wiz - Updated Shade Names

To my horror the other week my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz ran out (horror may sound dramatic to some, but this is my absolute holy grail brow pencil)! 
I was very unprepared for this moment & didn't have a back up on hand. I popped online to reorder only to discover that Anastasia Beverly Hills had changed the name of the shade I use & some others.
 I was utterly confused & it took me ages to work out which old shade name matched up to the new etc. 
So I thought to prevent others having to spend aaaaages figuring it all out it would help if I quickly shared them with you


  1. ahh i hate it when they change the name of stuff!
    you're a little gem for sharing this megs :) hope you're well mwah xx

    1. Ohh the sheer panic I had when I thought they didnt sell my shade anymore haha oops xx

  2. Hi
    I follow you from Turkey
    I really wonder:
    Which photo editing programmes do you use?

    Your photos are great as you :)


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