Black & White Demon - Spooky Halloween Makeup

Halloween is upon us peeps. I had such a great response from my Halloween looks I've created previous years, so I thought I'd give it another shot this year.

First up we have a black & white demon. It's pretty easy to create and you only need two colours, so that helps to keep the price down on face paints. I used
snazaroo face paint which cost £3.50 each at my local fancy dress shop. Eyeliner, eyeshadows & eyeliner brushes which I already owned, so it's an affordable Halloween look. Pair it with an all black outfit and your set!

1. Make sure face is cleansed & moisturised; face paint tends to stick to & accentuate dry skin. Apply thin even layers of white paint across the whole face using a sponge. It took me three thin applications for me to get the desired coverage.

2. Using my NYX jumbo eye pencil in 'Black Bean' I mapped out where I wanted the darkest & most hollow looking parts of my face to be.

3. I blended out 'Black Bean' where I felt it was needed, round the hairline, jaw & cheek bones. I then added black face paint to certain areas to intensify the darkness.

4. Using a thin eyeliner brush I decided I wanted to extend the sides of my mouth across my cheeks to make it look extra wide & creepy. Using the same thin eyeliner brush & a light hand I started to draw uneven squiggly lines from the eye sockets & mouth. This is where my reflection even started to freak me out. I lastly set the eye sockets, nose & mouth with black eyeshadow to make them stand out & look super dark & spooky.
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