LA Girl Flat Finish Pigment Gloss 'Dreamy'

I don't think I'm cut out for matte lipies. I never feel totally comfortable with something on my lips drying them out & making them feel tacky, yet I keep trying new ones out in the hope that I will find 'the one' which my lips will agree with because matte lips look so darn gorgeous on everyone else!

L.A Girl matte pigment gloss is available in 16 shades, I own one of the lighter shades 'Dreamy' a pinky nude. The flat doe applicator picks up the perfect amount of product on
either side, enough for one even layer on the lips. I find there to be no patchiness when applying & it does dry pretty fast but there is enough time to smooth out the product on the lip before it totally dries to a flat matte finish.

Four hours is the longest wear time I've got out of this product (that's without eating). When eating it slowly wears away from the inside out, leaving behind the effect of lip liner aka 'chola lip'.

L.A Girl matte pigment gloss unfortunately isn't the most comfortable matte lip product I have tried, 'Rimmel stay matte provoclaips' takes that crown. Having said that the provocalips isn't a total matte finish like L.A Girls, so maybe this is the most comfortable 100% flat matte lipie I've tried.

What is your fave matte liquid lipstick? I would love to know.
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