#LipKitByKylie by Kylie Jenner Review

Late last year Kylie Jenner "Queen of the pout" released her "#LipKitByKylie by Kylie Jenner" which sold out in under 30 seconds. I was one of the lucky few to quickly bag myself one of her kits.
Kylies Lip Kit contains one matte liquid lipstick (3.25ml) & one pencil lip liner (1.0g) both an exact shade match for one another, I chose 'Dolce K' a light brown nude.
""Each Lip Kit is applied with one swipe color that glides across lips and dries down to a powdery-soft, matte finish. Homogenous color in natural nudes and deep browns give unparalleled comfort and wear. The oil free formula has 25% pigment which provides instant color. The perfect blend of waxes, silicone and polymers give you smooth and easy glide color, with longwearing properties.""
The lipies are presented in a boxed package which looks super stylish and sleek, with Kylies name simply stated across the box and an image of a juicy pout with the corresponding lip shade above.
I love the stylish simplicity of the packaging!
The two products inside are also stylishly packaged; the lip pencil packaging has a matte black coating and the liquid lipstick is contained in a clear plastic tube with a black handle and Kylies signature. I do however think a simple change of lid, maybe metallic or matt black, could make it super stylish! Then again for the price $29/£20.30 you are getting two products and quite possibly the extras on packaging could have upped the product price. 
If you're familiar with my blog then you may know that matte liquid lipsticks and I don't really get on, I just can't find one that is totally comfortable on me, but Kylie has literally blown me out of the water with this one. I can whole heartedly say that this is THE most comfortable matte liquid lipstick I have ever come across! With the thin doe foot applicator it applies soooo smoothly and has an added bonus of a yummy sweet cupcake scent. 
The lip liner is a spot on match for the lipie making them the perfect duo. The liner doesn't have super long staying power but is handy to have. The liquid lipstick stays put on me a minimum of four hours with no top ups needed. In that time the only thing that will budge the lipstick is if I'm eating some reeeeally messy foods, like a big ol burger! Other than that it stays 100% in place without drying out my lips, hallelujah! 
I can't quite believe that I have found a matte liquid lipstick that works for me and I love?!? But should I have expected anything else from the "queen of the pout" herself Kylie Jenner. 
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$29.00 + $13.95 International Flat Rate 


  1. love the colour of this!! shame the liner doesn't last that long on the lips ... liquid diet anyone?! haha! hope you're well babe xxx


  2. I want to get my hands on this so bad! I keep going to buy it and its sold out! I don't seem to have good luck with any liner lasting long on me. So that wouldn't really bother me at all. Looks gorgeous!!!!

    1. They sell out SO quickly don't they. I've got my eye on KoKo K for my next purchase. xx

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