Sleek Storm Palette

Sleek eyeshadows are in a league of there own when it comes to drug store eye shadows.

Super pigmented, with a long lasting gorgeous finish that doesn't crease. The texture is extremely smooth & creamy & can be easily applied using a packing brush or fluff brush & extremely blendable too.

This palette in particular is so versatile , it can easily takes me from a light day time look to a dramatic dark smokey evening look.  The shimmery shadow are extremely pigmented in this palette, & have very minimal fall out while the matte shades definitely stay put.

Top Row From Left To Right
  • Shimmery copper gold
  • Shimmery light silvery champagne
  • Matte yellow based brown (perfect for the crease)
  • A true yellow gold
  • Shimmery dusty pink
  • Shimmery burnt auburn
  • True shimmery dark copper with slight golden tinge when the light hits it
  • Shimmery dark silvery blue
  • Shimmery dark bottle green (love love love this shade)
  • Dark shimmery blue with a slight purple tinge. Looks more shimmery when in the palette then when swatched & on the eye.
  • Matte chocolate brown
  • Extremely pigmented dark black (amazing) I would have spent £7.99 just to get a black shadow this pigmented!

If any of you girls are looking to try new eyeshadows & haven't yet tried sleek, I urge you to try them & you can thank me later :)

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  1. Oh I love sleek palettes! The first row looks so pretty! I'm thinking of getting this one and oh so special palette soon (:

    1. The Peachy shade in the oh so special palette look gorgeous! xx

  2. I bought this quite a while ago, the packaging on mine is different and the shadows themselves look slightly different too.. I think mine just maybe had a texture to them.
    I use the brown as an eyebrow powder but I'm running out so think I might have to buy a one new!

    1. I wonder why :/ I've seen sleek palettes with textured powders before, but not packaging.
      That's a good idea, I hadn't thought of using the brown for brows. xx

  3. Great swatches!!! You're making me want this palette...! :) LOVE the name of your blog - so cute! :)

  4. Wow this looks stunning! Makes me want to be a bit more experimental with my eyeshadows!

    Megan xxx
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty Blog

  5. I want this in my life! Sleek has such amazing products!


  6. love the glittery finish! I will check them out thanks for sharing
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  7. This is so odd, I was just looking at the Sleep Make-up website this afternoon and contemplating buying this palette. It's absolutely gorgeous, I love the shimmery light pinks and purples. Definitely adding this to my wishlist :) Thanks for sharing.

    Lyndsay xx | Fizzy Peaches ♡

  8. This palette looks well good!
    Loving the choice in shades in this one too :)
    Such a good post lovely as always

  9. I have so many sleek palettes but not this one, it's so lovely! Think it's going to be next on my list! Love the shimmer!
    Love your blog, now following! :)
    Jess xo

    1. It has such gorgeous colours doesn't it. Aww thank you sweetie xx

  10. Nice swatches.. Green n purple are lovely!! Definitely buying this now :)

    Jas |


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