Makeup Trends That Should Be Left In 2014

Happy 2015 guys! As with all new beginnings sometimes we must leave some   things in the past, to help us on the way to a fresh new start. I have been thinking that maybe some makeup trends need to be left in 2014, what do you think? Here's a compilation of my most disliked trends of the past year. It's just a bit of fun so don't take offence, I myself may have fallen victim to one or two of these points at some time.

Block eyebrows - The idea behind FILLING in the eyebrow isn't to COLOUR in the eyebrow! Light hair like strokes is all that's needed ladies.

Faded eyebrows - You know, when the brow is lighter at the front & graduates to darker at the end. Nobody's eyebrows should look like they're in the process of downloading.

Over concealed hallow brows - looking like you've used Tippex to clean up round the edges of the brow & now they're left just hovering on your face.

Over Contouring - Kim K bought contouring to the main stream & now people seem to think it needs to be done on the daily & it's just not ALWAYS necessary.

Over light/bright under eye highlight - How can your under eyes look like they haven't seen a day of light in twenty years......But the rest if your face looks bronzed and chiseled? Confused!

Over drawn lips - Can that be left back in the 90's please.

Foundation that doesn't match skin tone - This has never been acceptable so why must this insanity continue?!

Unblended foundation - Again this is another phenomenon to me, how can you not see that big ol orange line on your jaw? By your ear? Between your eyes?

Blusher dotted on the apples of cheeks and not blended - Blend people.....blend! Coco the clown has never been a fashion icon so don't copy his look.

Younique thick spider lashes - Younique mascara was allllll over Instagram in 2014 & not one picture of this product has looked anything but cakey & spidery! Bye Younique.

Makeup should be fun & can be used as a form of expression so at the end of the day there are no right or wrong things to do with it....Or are there?

What are your most disliked makeup trends of 2014?

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  1. I agree about those long faded brows... they look weird ha! I watched a girls youtube about this last night it really made me laugh :) hope you've had a cracking christmas and new year hunnie! xxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Aren't they just the most strangest things haha. Glade I'm not alone!
      Thank you sweetie, I hope you did too! Happy New Year :) xx

  2. Love the faded brows one with them looking like they are downloading, cracked up!!

  3. Yes girl, I whole heartily agree with you about the over done brows. Let's put down the sharpies and bring back natural looking eyebrows. lol

    xo.Janiecy.xo | A Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  4. "Nobody's eyebrows should look like they're in the process of downloading." - ha ha, Megan! OMG, that's hilarious!! I agree with most of your selections, even Younique spider lashes! Although I was lucky enough to try Younique this year and it's completely, 100% possible to get gorgeous, full lashes with it without looking cray-cray. It's definitely the most abused and wrongly used product on the internet, along with Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade! People PAINT on brows with it, when it's meant to be used very faintly to enhance what's naturally there! So loco!

    1. Glade you agree hun. YES the misuse of ABH Dipbrow Pomade should be illegal! xx

  5. Oh I love this whole list! The downloading eyebrows bug me too. Although sometimes I might be guilty of doing it s little myself. OOPS. But my brows are like non existent. Thanks for the grey laugh today girl! Loved this very much!!!!

    1. This is the one i've been guilt of too, we'll just put it down to trial and error haha xx


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