Lush 'Immaculate Eggception' EASTER Bath Bomb

How cute is Lush's Easter range!? After having a mooch around my local store I couldn't not pick up one of the 'Immaculate Eggception' bath bombs. 

This HUGE Easter Egg bath bomb costs £6.95 WOAH...but if its any consolation - it is absolutely HUGE! The biggest bath bomb I have ever used.

The idea is that the 'Immaculate Eggception' can be cracked like an egg into two halves, and hidden inside is
another cute little bath bomb in the shape of a chick or a bunny. So in theory you get three baths out of this one bath bomb, making the £6.95 price tag a little easier to swallow.

The whole process of cracking open the egg to find a little Easter surprise inside makes bath time all a bit more fun.

This bath bomb has a really fresh & uplifting citrusy fragrance. It contains grapefruit oil, lemon oil & a dash of vanilla that gives it a nice warm feel.

Over all this is a fun little Easter bath bomb, yes it may have a hefty price tag but as you get three baths out of the one bomb I say it's worth it. Plus the surprise of finding a little mini bath bomb in the shape of an Easter chick inside has my 100% sold! 
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Immaculate Eggception £6.95 available in store & for a limited time only.


  1. Ahh it's so cute, but £7 for a bathbomb makes me wanna cry haha xx

    1. Ahh haha I know, it nearly put me off buying it :/ but it's just to darn cute to turn down. xx

  2. This is so so cute, but price aside, I would feel horrid dropping this in the bath!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. I wont lie, It was quite hard dropping this little cutie into the bath. xx

  3. Haha, how cool is this bath bomb! I love novelty things like this. I've not had a lush bath bomb for ages, I bet this was amazing. Agreed it's pricey but at least it was like two bath bombs in one. =D


    1. Exactly, with the few baths you can get out of this bomb its worth the money. xx


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