L.A Girl Lip Glaze Paint - Blushing & Whisper

Do you want a lip gloss that packs a punch full of colour? Then keep on reading.....

LA Girl's range of 'Glazed Lip Paints' give the intensely pigmented appearance of a lipstick, with the glossy finish of a lipgloss. Shades range from lights nudes, to deep dark berrys & every shade you could wish for in between. I own two, Blushing & Whisper.
Ingredients include vitamin E and peppermint oil for added moisture. Be warned
that the peppermint smell is rather strong so if your adverse to peppermint, you probably won't enjoy these. 
The colour of the outside of the tube is exactly the same colour as the product inside. It's a rather thin formula so even with the precision tip applicator its easy to squeeze too much out of the tube. My preferred method of application is with a lipbrush as it gives a much more precise and even coverage for such a pigmented gloss, and that's just what this product really is...a very pigmented gloss. I therefore don't find them to last very long on my lips, maybe two hours tops & that's with no eating or drinking. I think these wear best when paired with a matching lipliner, giving them more wear time.
Also the paler the shade the more I find it sticks to dry patches on the lip, so a good scrub & moisturiser before hand is best.
La Girl isn't easily available here in the U.K so I order mine from Beautyjoint.com an U.S based website that ship internationally with great p&p rates. ($3.29/£2.24)

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  1. I like both shades a lot. Will probably pick up a few of these since their so reasonably prices. Glad you mentioned needing a lip scrub before wearing. :)

    1. I think I played it safe with the shades I chose, defo get the most use of pinky nudes. Would love to know what you think of them too Julie. Hope your doing well huni. xx

  2. Blushing is SO PRETTY! :O


    1. Isn't it so pretty, think I'll get a lot of use out of this thought the summer. xx


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