How I Store My Lipsticks

On my makeup table I have 4 acrylic drawers full of powders, lipliners, foundations etc. I used to also store my lipsticks & glosses in them until recently when I was gifted an acrylic lipstick holder by Each container holds 24 lipsticks & costs £4.95 and my lipsticks fit nice and snug in the container.
 Mac lipies have a little bit of wiggle room & I prefer to sit them label side up so I can see which shade I'm picking. The only lipstick packaging that doesn't fit well are Rouge Dior's as they are slightly wider, you can just about squeeze them in but getting them out isn't as easy!

Along the back row I store my chunky lip crayons, even though there is a lot of wiggle room, they give the display some height & if they have flat bottoms they stand up just fine.
I personally love storing my makeup in acrylic containers, they allow you to see the pretty packaging, make selecting shades easier and you can also display the makeup nicely to.

How do you store & display your makeup? Have been nice enough to give my subscribers a 10% discount code to use on there site 'MMGH10' this code will work on all there products that are not in the sale.

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  1. I have a small lipstick holder but it no longer holds all my lipsticks, this has more space and is so affordable so I will definitely have to buy one x

    Lauren xx

    1. Having an ever growing makeup collection can be a blessing and a curse ay haha. xx


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