L'oréal Paris Infallible 24H-Matte Mattifying Foundation

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This little affordable foundation has made its way to my top 2 high street/drugstores!

I've been testing it out since it's release back in June. As I am SO extremely picky about my foundations I really wanted to put it to the test before I gave my opinion.

In a nut shell this foundation has what I would class as a medium coverage, demi matte finish. It keeps my oily patches at bay without cracking & splitting the coverage, & doesn't cake up or flake on the dryer areas of the face.
Finding a foundation wether it be high end or lower end that does the above is a bloomin hard find. So the fact that this puppy costs only £7 is just mind boggling. I do have normal to combination skin & don't suffer with extreme oil or dryness so if you have a similar skin type & are after a buildable medium coverage foundation this is well worth a try.


  1. I literally just wrote a review for this tonight! (But haven't posted it yet.) I pretty much feel the same as you do about it. Been missing your posts girl! About to go read your other post about where u have been! :)


    1. Ahh I will have to go and check out your review :) Thank you. xx


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